40 days of lent

rebecca: QUESTION

me: YES 

rebecca: do you think we should make a travel blog about this trip to church?

5:24 PM 

me: i think so! 

rebecca: not inspired by matching pants though 

me: definitely not, no no 

rebecca: maybe shirts  hard to say

5:28 PM 

me: or bedazzeldness  but absolutely a travel blog!

rebecca: oh yeah true

5:31 PM 

want me to interview. i am REALLLY good at acting cool if you say something really unexpected

5:34 PM 

me: yes!  that sounds perfect  do we have time for a pre interview or should it be post interview?  i think in order to get there on time i have to leave in about 10 minutes

5:35 PM 

i could also bring my camera and you could interview me with it while we wait

rebecca: yeah that’s a good idea. i’ll draft the questions on the subway. 

me: ok, and are you being interview too? 

rebecca: i am so good at interviewing in my own mind.  oh  idk 

me: ill have to draft questions as well 

rebecca: am i? i am prob not charming like you 

me: i would love to interview you!

5:36 PM 

rebecca: although i am attractive and famous! 

me: and you are certainly charming@

rebecca: we’ll seeee won’t we! 

me: very attractive and famous! 

rebecca: REINA

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